Safety Pad for car

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    Key Features


    1. Product Information

    Item: Safety Pad

    Brand: Synmed Co., LTD.

    Country of Origin: Taiwan


    2. Specification

    Size: 29*40 CM

    Color: Black


    3. Instruction

    Step 1: Pull the belt buckle through the gap between the backrest and the car seat.

    Step 2: Fasten the buckle to the strap. Adjust the strap to the appropriate length.  

    Step 3: Hook the carabiner onto the inner headrest post.

    Step 4: Pull the pad flip cover through the strap, to fix the pad.

    Step 5: The gap between the Pad back and Pad cover can be sticked by double sides tap.


    4. Features

    * Prevent children from climbing over to the front.

    * Available for under 2000c.c. sedan and suv.

    * Patent pending in Taiwan, China, U.S.A.

    * CN. Pat. 201520368094.8

    * TW. Pat. M510259